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Explore the Dragonverse

Spyro - Explore the dragonverse is a fan game based on the liscence "Spyro".

Fact Sheet

  • Theme:  Fantasy 

  • Genre: Platforme | Exploration

  • Nb of players: 1

  • Plateforme: PC

  • Interface: XBOX Controller

  • Engine: Unreal Engin 4

  • Project Type: Personnal project

  • Made In:  3 Months

  • Team: 1 Game / Level designer 

Project Context

I wanted to develop a game that my own mother could play.

I discovered video games by playing spyro with her and I set myself the goal of creating a fake sequel to "Spyro reignited trilogy" with a 3 months constraint.

The objective was to make a vertical slice of this hypothetical sequel on the Unreal engine 4 all alone.

My Tasks

  • Game Design

    • Design the 3c's to put more emphasis on exploration and action than the official trilogy.

    • Design enemies  that seem more dangerous than those in the original trilogy and exploit more of the spyro's range of movement.

  • Level Design

    • Design and blockout the entire level with more emphasis on aerial exploration than the official trilogy

    • Add the art from assets pack

  • Scripting

    • Script the character 3C​

    • Script all the AI

    • Script all the actors of the map like collectibles or checkpoints

Game Design 

  • I've reworked the character controls to allow Spyro to fly longer and farther to emphasize exploration and allow the character to move more freely from island to island.

  • I also reworked the jump to make the platform phases easier. The idea is to take the difficulty out of the platform phases and emphasize it on the combat phases. I wanted the platform mechanics to be easy to allow simple and free exploration.The character jumps slightly higher and the metrics easily forgive an inaccuracy in the player's inputs.

  • I've designed enemy attacks to make them more challenging and encourage the use of the full range of spyro movement. For example in the reignited trilogy the jump and roll are rarely used in confrontations.

Fly metrics.jpg

Level Design 

  • Objectives:

    • Main : Reach the celestial pick

    • Secondary : Retrieve the 840 jewels scattered throughout the level

    • Secondary : Find the 4 emblems hidden in the level

  • About:

    • This level was inspired by a 3D asset pack including floating islands.
      I wanted to create a floating archipelago with a lot of verticality and to emphasize exploration with the possibility to go from point to point to reach places difficult to access.

    • I used paved roads sunk into the ground to serve as a golden path.

    • I made sure that the islands are not too compartmentalized to allow the player to move freely from one island to another with the exception of the first ones, which are used to tutor the enemy's behaviors. 

    • I used the celestial pick as a landmark when the level start. The mountain is visible from almost anywhere on the map to help the gambler find his or her way around during his or her exploration.

Golden Path.jpg
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