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Fact Sheet

  • Theme: Electricity

  • Genre: VR | Training

  • Nb of players: 1

  • Plateforme: Oculus Rift S

  • Interface: Oculus Controllers

  • Engine: Unreal Engin 4

  • Project Type: Professionnal Project

  • Made In: 2 Months

  • Team: 2 Devellopers | 3 3D artist

This is a VR training to learn how to properly work on an electrical cabinet safely.

Project Context

This is a 2 months project.

We where 2 devellopers for the interactions ( gameplay) and one for the tools

Develloped at :

logo_uniVR_White Circle.png

My Tasks

Gameplay Programming:

  • I develop all the interactions of the experience with the tools of the studio.

  • Tuto Panel :  I Develop a base class tuto BP to use this kind of tuto in any project for the studio.

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