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Icap Lyon 1 is a VR training develloped by UniVR for the university of Lyon 1 . It's composed by 2 modules:

  • The atom module: where you can combine atoms from the periodic table to create reactions

  • The cell analysis: where you can analyse each part of a molecule and compare it to another one

Fact Sheet

  • Theme: Science

  • Genre: VR | Training

  • Nb of players: 1

  • Plateforme: Oculus Rift S

  • Interface: Oculus Controllers

  • Engine: Unreal Engin 4

  • Project Type: Professionnal Project

  • Made In: 5 weeks

  • Team: 2 Devellopers | 2 3D artist

Project Context

This is a 5 weeks project develloped by a team of 4 people for the University Lyon 1 in france.

The objective was to develloped the base of the project like a template to let the Develloper of the university add more cells / atoms / and reactions.

Develloped at :

logo_uniVR_White Circle.png

My Tasks


Gameplay programming

Quality Assurance

QA Test
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