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MY little pony

Battle for Equestria

This is a personnal project made on my free time on a liscence that I love. <3

Fact Sheet

  • Theme: My little pony | Friendship

  • Genre: RPG | Turn Based

  • Nb of players: 1

  • Plateforme: Mobile

  • Interface: Tactile Screen

  • Project Type: Personnal Project

  • Made In: 2 Weeks

  • Solo Project

Game Synopsis

My little Pony Battle for Equestria is a Free to play RPG playable on Mobile taking place into the universe of my little Pony

Battle view.png

Project Context

As a fan of the my little pony TV serie, i always think how I could adapt my perception of the serie into a video game.
How to adapt a full of kindness and tolerance ideas into a game for child and teenagers.
I designed it as a F2P RPG for mobile platforme and write some documents on my free time.

All documents bellow are still work in progress footage


  • I designed the game

  • Write the documents

  • Produce all the mockups 

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