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Twylight GRave

Fact Sheet

  • Theme: 1001 Nights | Fight | Mourning

  • Genre: Action | Boss Rush

  • Nb of players: 1

  • Plateforme: PC

  • Interface: Gamepad

  • Engine: Unreal Engin 4

  • Project Type: School Project

  • Made In: 5 Weeks

  • Team: 3  Game Designers | 3 Game artists

Project Context

This was the end second year project of my Game design studies. We had 5 weeks of full production. The game concept was established 1 mince before.

Twilight Grave is a nervous boss rush action games in the Universe of 1001 Nights. You play Shara a Middle east soldier who must defeat 7 djin entities representing each mourning stages.

My Tasks

Game Design


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